: Discover books that captivate the curious!

Joel Spolsky is the CEO of Stack Exchange Network that hosts over 100 Q&A sites including Stack Overflow. Before founding Stack Exchange in 2008, he launched the famous blog Joel on Software that has ardent following in the software development and programming circles. We look at some of the books on User Interface design that Joel recommended.[..]

Tony Fadell, the Sr Vice President of iPod division at Apple, is known as one of the fathers of iPod for his work on the first generation of iPod. He later founded Nest Labs that built Nest Learning Thermostat in 2011. Nest Labs was eventually acquired by Google in 2014 - the year when Fadell was also declared by the TIME magazine part of the 100 most influential people in the world.

With a focus on perspectives of creativity, Fadell recommended these books:[..]

Ryan Holiday served as Director of Marketing for American Apparel up until October 2014. During last couple of years of his traditional marketing career, Holiday observed a fundamental shift in the role of marketing. He noticed how some Startups, with limited time and resources, essentially redefined marketing by baking product marketing right into the core of the products and by constantly measuring its impact - an approach that is commonly known as Lean Startup marketing approach. We look at some of the books Holiday recommends to study this approach.[..]

Zappos is a unique company in that it has customers that are raving fans of the company, all due to the awesome customer service experience the company offers. This becomes possible only with the kind of employee-centric culture that Zappos has. Here are some of the books that Zappos recommends its employees to ensure happiness at workplace.[..]

Born in 1937, Philip Glass is a classical American music composer. He is one of the most influential music makers of the late 20th century who has three of his film scores nominated for Academy Awards. We take a look at Glass' favourite books about people in the music world.[..]

Tyson is not just an astrophysicist but also favourite science communicator for many. He has written many books and appeared on television shows talking about the wonders of science. When asked to recommend books that every intelligent person should read, here's what Tyson recommended.[..]

Dave Morin is the co-founder and CEO of a social networking enabled sharing and messaging service called Path. In August 2015, when Google reorganized into a parent company Alphabet, Morin talked about his favourite business book that talks about a similar strategy.[..]

Kevin Rose, co-founder and ex-CEO of Digg, is now CEO of Hodinkee and an investor in various valley startups. We look at some books on mindfulness and meditation that are highly rated by Rose.[..]

Naval Ravikant is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of AngelList, a web platform built with an objective of democratizing investment process in startups. With investment in dozens of companies including Twitter, Uber, Yammer, Stack Overflow and Wanelo, Naval spends a considerable time reading books that drive his way of life and approach towards investing. We look at some of the non-investment books that have been influential towards Naval's investment skills.[..]

Matt Ridley is a British journalist who has written popular science books such as The Red Queen and Genome that have collectively sold over a million copies. When asked to name best science books, he talks about those books that best express science's pursuits of mysteries of the world around.[..]